Ana Carolina, Researcher

“My career as a researcher has always been focused on the reflection on motherhood and women’s issues, woman and mother. When I was invited to work at JUNTOS as a researcher, I was thrilled by the idea of ​​being able to witness the creation of a group of mothers and family members working to build a collective knowledge about their children and, above all, about their roles as mothers, fathers and caregivers.

To witness the transformation of these family members by the time they belong to a group of people in similar situations is an enriching experience and has greatly contributed to my experience as a researcher.

In JUNTOS, the challenges, achievements, joys and pains of everyday life are shared by all contributing to the construction and reflection on the role of each one in the care of their children and the specificity they bring. It is amazing to see the effects that the group produces on the lives of each of these adults. The profound transformation in these families makes the experience of being in JUNTOS captivating ” Ana Carolina Vieira , Researcher (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

“Actually, before this group, sometimes I felt alone in the world, thinking that this problem was only mine. I could not imagine that other parents were going through worse things. We can help, and we have the opportunity to interact with other children.” (Mother, Brazil)


“We share ideas and help each other. I am no longer alone and I feel like have something to contribute.”

“I thought I was the only one!”

“I never thought that anyone else was going through what I go through.”