Suzana, Faciltator

“My name is Suzana, mother of 11-year-old Ana Julia (my companion for all hours), and Samuel who is 2 years and 8 months old. I was a participant in the first group , which brought me many positive experiences and it was through the groups that me and other mothers took the initiative to join and create the Lotus Association, which welcomes families who are victims of zika virus and other neuropathies.

Afterwards, I had the chance to participate of the first training of facilitators and it was very rewarding, to share experiences with other families, to know that I will be able to pass on to other families what I have learned and now I will be helping and learning even more with them. Not to mention that I took my husband to me to help Samuel care, and he did very well!

The group helped me turn “my pain into a power”. It has shown me that I am strong, making way for the woman I did not know existed or who for some reason I’ve put aside . I am very grateful for the JUNTOS program. ” Suzana Oliveira – participant of the first group and facilitator (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)