Answers to the most frequently asked questions are shown below

Can the Ubuntu team diagnose or treat my child, or help with a referral?
Unfortunately not. We receive many requests for assistance in finding healthcare professionals able to diagnose, or provide services for, children with developmental disabilities. However, we are not a medical clinic and therefore do not see, diagnose or treat children with developmental disabilities, or refer families to any particular medical practitioners or health service agencies.
What is a facilitator?
Skilled facilitators are key to the success of caregiver groups. They enable carers to become equal partners in the learning process. Effective facilitators strive to help groups and individuals recognise their strengths and work towards positive change.
Can anyone be a facilitator?
Yes, but it is important that facilitators receive appropriate training prior to implementing the programme. Anyone who has not completed the participatory 5-day facilitation training should not be offering the programme.
Where can I order the materials?
Simply sign in to our resources page. There, you can download facilitator manuals, images and videos. We recommend that these materials are used only by a trained group facilitator.
Are caregiver groups effective?

Yes. Several evaluation and impact studies have found Juntos and Ubuntu to be successful at reducing isolation and increasing caregiver skills and confidence. They are proven to be an effective programme for carers with limited access to sources of help or information. The programme is offered in over 30 countries.

What do I do if I am interested in translating an existing document?
For more information about the use of our materials please go here. Note that some of the copyright of our documents belongs to the publisher, not Ubuntu, so be sure to check with us first to find out how to obtain permission. We are always happy to help with this!
What training courses/workshops can I attend?
If you’re interested in attending one of our courses or workshops, please contact us. We’ll be pleased to advise you on what places are available.
How can I study with the ICED or Ubuntu team?
A range of postgraduate courses are offered on the LSHTM site. We welcome Masters students looking to undertake summer projects with us, and we have a (limited) number of research degree supervisors. Please note that we are unable to provide funding for research projects.

GET IN TOUCH: for more information on our research or facilitator programmes, please get in touch via the contact form.