Poverty is a challenge for families taking care of children with developmental disabilities, adding layers of complexity to the provision of essential support and resources.

Our new Livelihoods module, “Building Foundations,” seeks to explore issues related to economic empowerment and livelihoods in a participatory way with caregivers. 

The module aims to support caregivers to:

• Share challenges that they face in providing for the basic needs of their families and discuss ideas to address them.
• Discuss their work experience and life skills that they bring to the group.
• Identify the skills and knowledge that will be useful in terms of providing for their families (e.g., new business or technical skills needed, support in accessing their rights to services).
• Identify allies or partners (individuals or organizations) who can provide follow-up support to them and the group in taking forward their action plans.

Caregivers work through case studies and activities that explore different approaches to economic empowerment and facilitate action planning around individual and group next steps.

Caregivers in Uganda and Rwanda who have used the module have found it useful and have shared these testimonies:

“It was an extraordinary experience that opened our minds and expanded our thinking.”

“This has created in me a sense of courage, self-confidence, a feeling that I am able, I can try and do something.”

Please download the module here

Watch the launch of the Building Foundations module here