Karine Silva, Facilitator Therapist

“To me, the Juntos Programme is a transforming programme for the children, their families and all the professionals who care for and work with children with special needs.  In a very participatory way, with a lot of listening, reflection and dialogue, it is possible through the Programme to provide support to families and carers, share experiences and build group knowledge about the individual needs of the children and their families. It is also possible to address the social issues that affect all families of children with special needs, such as access to education, health and transportation services, as well as how to overcome challenges and prejudice.  In the Juntos groups, families, therapists and managers are able to form and strengthen support networks involving their own family and the community in which they live and influencing the work of local professionals and managers.  The most special time in the Programme was the moment when one of the mothers said she observed that I cared for the children as if I also had a child with special needs.  Her report made me so happy and emotional!! Juntos enables us to provide care with affection, through listening and with love, and that is what I did and it was so good to have this work recognized by the families.”

Karine Silva, Facilitator Therapist (Salvador, Brazil)