Olivia Agnostini, Facilitator Therapist

As a facilitator of the groups in Rio de Janeiro, the opportunity to work as a team was enriching. Juntos allows the exchange, the socialization and the accomplishment of a collective work of effective form. The meetings allow moments of learning, fun, networking and appreciation of different knowledge. Significant aspects for the care of children with disabilities are discussed such as development, rights, activities of daily living and play. The achievements and challenges are shared and addressed together. I wish that Juntos can expand to the country and contribute to the integral attention of children and their families.

Olivia Agostini, facilitator therapist (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

“We have the little chair now that goes with us everywhere, even to the beach. My daughter has started to open her eyes more and to follow the things that are happening.” (Father, Brazil)

“My daughter couldn’t do anything, she couldn’t sit or support herself in any way, but she is somehow strong now and can sit alone in a basin and tries to hold things.” Mother (Uganda)

“Here in the group I learned that even bath time is an opportunity to play and encourage her development.” (Mother, Brazil)