When the Zika epidemic struck in 2015-16, thousands of children were born with congenital Zika syndrome (CZS), leaving parents with gaps in health information and support. In response, we developed and piloted Juntos – a participatory support program for caregivers of children with CZS in Brazil. Using a feasibility framework, we assessed the program’s potential across various areas including acceptability, demand, implementation, practicality, adaptation, and limited efficacy. The results were promising, with high acceptability and demand, demonstrated implementation and practicality, and potential for adaptability. Caregivers reported improved quality of life and family relationships, showing limited efficacy. However, further research is needed to explore scalability, integration, expansion, and efficacy. Juntos is empowering caregivers and bridging gaps in Zika-related care, but more studies are warranted to determine its effectiveness in the long run.

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