Support and Guidance

The    situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing. We have gathered a list of resources about COVID-19 to share with caregivers, children & young people and education, health and social care practitioners to navigate the dynamic situation of the COVID-19 response, and the many impacts that it will have. We hope that they are helpful and we will continue to add new resources as they become available.

Workshop safety

Information on how parent groups have been run post ‘lock-down’ in Rwanda can be found here:

We also provide guidelines on what to consider to run groups safely in the context of COVID-19 here:

A range of free digital COVID-19 educational resources for children

Free online books  that help childresn to understand corona virus have been produced by two popular childrens’ authors, Axel Sceffler adn Lydia Monk.

You can download the books or find out more information about how these resources were created:

Free Courses

LSHTM’s free online course for anyone who is interested to learn about what we know about COVID-19, and how we should respond to the outbreak

A course that introduces COVID-19, created for teenagers and young adults, 14-16 years old

Further Reading

Presentation from the International Centre for Evidence in Disability: making the response disability-inclusive
Paper on what we can learn from a disability inclusive response

Share your story and contribute to voices of people with disabilities during the COVID-19 outbreak here:

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